StackRef Vendor Insights from Amazon

StackRef Vendor Insights from Amazon

We’re excited to unveil a significant enhancement to our Amazon Marketplace offering: Vendor Insights!

Here’s a breakdown of what this entails:

Streamlined Risk Assessments

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights consolidates essential security and compliance data into a singular, user-friendly dashboard. This is a leap forward in simplifying third-party software risk evaluations.

Efficient Vendor Verification

With the Vendor Insights dashboard, you can bypass time-consuming manual evaluations. You can now access and retrieve security and compliance information, potentially reducing 8-10 weeks of evidence collection and validation.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Courtesy of AWS Config and Audit Manager, our system offers automated evidence updates. This ensures that you enjoy continual risk monitoring, negating the necessity for burdensome annual reviews.

Stay Informed with Real-time Alerts

Opt for notifications to gain immediate insights into security changes or crucial updates, including events like the expiration of a vendor’s compliance certificate.

If you are keen to explore StackRef’s Vendor Insights profile in depth, we invite you to visit our Marketplace listing and request access. Our commitment to transparency remains unwavering, and this is just another step in that direction.